• Public Safety and Security

  • Plan, test, train, deploy

    Emergency preparedness and crisis management have become priorities for governments, critical infrastructure owners, and industry to mitigate the risks of threats such as natural disasters, terrorism, man-made disasters, and other disruptions to operations. Today's heightened awareness of threats has created a need to more actively protect our social and economic stability through better planning, training, and operational preparedness.

    CAE is helping organizations meet these complex challenges through the use of simulation-based analysis and training tools focused on critical emergency management areas. CAE Emergency Management Simulation (EM-Sim) is the integration of simulation with a structured framework for planning, analysis, training, and supporting emergency operations for all-agency, all-hazard responses.

  • Strategic Consulting

    CAE's group of experts in public security and preparedness provide strategic guidance to the development, management, and execution of national, regional, and local programs in the areas of policy development, research, and public-private partnerships.

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  • Exercise Management and Training

    Perhaps the greatest challenge facing emergency management is the ability to effectively train for multi-agency collaboration. Through the CAE EM-Sim framework, CAE offers an integrated, simulation-based training environment to support multi-agency...

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  • Technology Solutions

    CAE has developed a series of technology solutions to support clients as they plan, test, train, and deploy response operations. These user-centred, simulation-based tools allow users to visually anticipate the impact of response strategies, resource plans, acquisitions, and...

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  • Planning and Analysis

    The reality of emergency management today places multi-agency collaboration at the forefront of any response and highlights the need for an interoperable approach to planning, testing, and validating response strategies. Through the CAE EM-Sim program, CAE...

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  • Operational Decision Support

    In operations, commanders are faced with the challenge of consolidating and interpreting an immense amount of data to make decisions. Only through effective user interfaces and data fusion techniques can that critical information be properly used by command...

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